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Discover the New Features of Logibec FMMS Version 8.00

Moving From a Client Server Solution to a Web Application

IOOF Senior Homes Inc. has selected Logibec’s solutions

IOOF Senior Homes Inc. has selected Logibec’s human capital & workforce management solutions

Recruitment and Retention in Long-Term Care: An Interview with Jodi Hall, CEO, CALTC

Recruitment and retention of healthcare workers are the highest priority in Canadian healthcare...

How Inefficient Scheduling Practices Harm the Employee Experience

Working in healthcare can be physically and emotionally exhausting simply due to the nature of the...

4 Critical Symptoms of Staff Scheduling Deficiencies

Managers and schedulers across any industry often struggle with creating fair and equitable work...

How We Can Help You Minimize the Cost of Shift Replacements

Regardless of the tools you use, staff scheduling is a complex endeavour in and of itself. More...

Our Mission: Partnering with Clients to Ensure their Success

As I write this, my first weeks as President and CEO of Logibec are drawing to a close; busy weeks...

For Victoria: Overcoming Together

David Mosher, our Vice-President of Sales, was recently appointed Board Chair of the Ontario...