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Logibec is Driving Change in Human Capital Management

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Logibec recently invested more than $10M in the research and development of innovative solutions adapted to the new reality of institutions in the Quebec health and social services network (RSSS), following various mergers. One of these solutions, Logibec HCM VIP, is part of this renewal and aims to increase the capacity and efficiency of human capital management through intuitive functionalities.


The Assistant Vice-President of Operations at Logibec explains us the specificities of the Logibec HCM VIP solution and how it differs from what currently exists on the market.


Q: Tell us about the Logibec HCM VIP solution.

Logibec has invested heavily in the development of management solutions in recent years to meet the evolving needs of its healthcare clients. Today, we are very proud to see that after so much effort, Logibec HCM VIP has become a complete, cloud-based, intuitive and helpful solution that significantly facilitates human capital management in all facilities.


Q: Why put so much effort into this solution?

Logibec focuses on the development and continuous improvement of several solutions at once. As with all our solutions, the development of Logibec HCM VIP has been closely linked to our constant concern to respond quickly to the evolving needs of our clients. Logibec’s advantage is also its guarantee of success, which is reflected in its proximity with clients.


Q: How is this solution different from what you have done in the past?

To bring Logibec HCM VIP to life, Logibec focused on its knowledge, its research, the expertise acquired from its clients, and the creation of a partnership with DLGL, a Quebec company specializing in the design, implementation and support of integrated and advanced human resources, payroll and work schedule management systems.

Therefore, when you combine DLGL’s solution—which is rich, diversified and proven with clients such as the Société Radio-Canada, VIA Rail and Loto-Québec—and Logibec’s expertise in the health sector, and base it all on a strongly implemented product such as Espresso, the result is a successful and high-performance product that managers will happily and easily start using.


Q: So how does HCM VIP differ from Espresso?

Logibec HCM VIP significantly enhances user experience through its dashboards, its various tabs and its processes adapted by specialty, leading to a harmonized human capital management. This allows a 360 degree view of employee files and main tasks, from external job postings to retirement management.


"With Logibec HCM VIP, information is in one place, in real time and in the cloud. In addition, the solution increases and facilitates communication through real-time notifications and the addition of integrated workflows. For example, an employee may request a leave of absence and initiate it from their portal. Depending on the level of approval, their manager may authorize the request directly and communicate their decision to the time management specialist to quickly initiate a replacement request, if necessary. Easy. Fast. Effective."


Q: Is it possible to experiment with the Logibec HCM VIP solution?

Yes, of course! Logibec is currently touring the province to demonstrate the solution to current and potential clients.


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