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Continuum Health: Close Data Management in the Service of Health

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For healthcare stakeholders, the ability to easily process large amounts of data using intuitive tools and navigate in real time through both interactive and cloud-based charts is worth its weight in gold—it speeds up performance and facilitates decision-making. An exclusive interview with the Director of Continuum Health, Gabriel Delisle.


Q: Hello, Gabriel. What is Continuum Health?

Continuum Health was designed for healthcare facilities in response to their growing needs to leverage the untapped potential of the data they already possess.

For the entire patient care trajectory, Logibec’s Continuum Health solutions have answered the call by giving facilities access to all of their data from a single location, by depositing it on unified and intuitive dashboards, and by allowing the quick and simplified output of performance reports.


Q: What about ContinuumCore and Intellium?

First of all, they are solutions offered under the Continuum Health banner. ContinuumCore is a tool that structures clients’ data by subject and accurately reflects their “field” reality. It is easy to use and maximizes the usefulness of available data. The tool centralizes information systems in a single location called a “data warehouse,” and it is from there that available data is used to its full potential.

As for Intellium, it is a cloud computing platform that enables data to meet the needs of management, performance and advanced analytics. Users can access this data where and when they want it, and on the device of their choice. Intellium also makes it possible to query data from a learning and continuous improvement perspective. With its great query capacity, Intellium becomes a must for operational, tactical and strategic clinical decision-making.


Q: With growing discussions on big data, data management is therefore becoming important?

Absolutely. We have worked very hard to put together a solid team, which today is made up of very skilled people coming from many areas of healthcare. Our team is dedicated exclusively to the increasingly important need for advanced analytics and works in partnership with healthcare facilities to offer them customized solutions.

This way, clients are always at the centre of the equation and their data is used to increase efficiency and limit their facility’s operating costs.


Q: Could you also tell us about Med-GPS?

Med-GPS is a complete tool. Several CIUSSS and CISSS are still using it and are satisfied with it. It helps support performance services in facilities and monitor the quality of the information entered in the source systems.

Recently, several facilities have chosen to upgrade to the new versions available via Continuum Health and ContinuumCore. The collaborative mode, which includes frequent data updates and real-time refreshes, is very much appreciated. We have also “denormalized” the information, making it easier to use and understand the data and providing online documentation on all tables, text fields and calculations.


Q: What is the impact of Continuum Health on clients?

The effect is more than significant. Today, our clients are able to react more quickly than ever to contingencies because the software package addresses three main elements:

  1. Accessing information through the cloud;
  2. Giving users autonomy in their search for information;
  3. Learning to make data speak to improve service.

Ultimately, facilities that have joined Continuum Health note a decrease in length of stay (LOS) and emergency room traffic, as well as an optimization of their operating rooms. And for patients, this allows for more direct management, a more in-depth knowledge of heavy users, and care trajectories that more adequately support managers in their quest for personalized service aligned with diagnoses.


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